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What is Kalkulio good for?

Kalkulio lets you create and share excel powered web calculators.

Creating web calculators

Kalkulio lets you build web calculators as a top layer of your excel spreadsheet.
To create web calculator open your spreadsheet and define:

  1. Tagged cells – input and output cells that calculator should use. To tag a cell just write a custom code into cell’s comment. More here.
  2. Option lists – if your input cell should display predefined options. Here’s how.
  3. Form definition – set up which tagged cells should be visible and how should your form look. All the form definitions are placed in separate worksheet. More here.

After defining all in your spreadsheet file you just need to upload spreadsheet file to Kalkulio. Kalkulio will render your web calculators, take input values, run them through calculations in your spreadsheet and display them as output values.

You can create numerous calculators from one spreadsheet. Each calculator can use any of tagged cells.

Sharing web calculators

Share your web calculators to:

  • only you (private calculator)
  • users of your domain
  • everyone (public link)

Web calculators can be also embeded on webpage or accessed it via API. Both can have restricted access to IP address.

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