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Tagged, active, visible cells

Tagged cells

Tagged cells are cells that you can use in your web calculator. Kalkulio app communicates only with tagged cells: either sends data to the spreadsheet calculation (input cell) or receives data from it (output cell).

Active cells

You can create multiple calculators from one spreadsheet. Each calculator can use different tagged cells. If you use tagged cell in calculator (you define it in definition of your calculator), we call this cell an active cell.

Active cell ignores value saved in spreadsheet and takes value either from:

  • user input in form
  • default value defined in Calculator definition.

If you do not use tagged cell in your calculator, it is called inactive cell. For inactive cell, calculator will use value saved in spreadsheet.

Visible cells

Visible cells are visible in the form of web calculator. There are 2 types:

  1. input cells – cells that users enter data to,
  2. output cells – cells with outcomes of calculation.

Invisible input cells are great, if you want to override values saved in spreadsheet with the values from calculator definition and don’t want to display them in the form.
Invisible output cells are handy when sending outcomes using API.

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