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Creating option list

1. Set up new sheet

  1. Create new sheet with name def_index_filter
  2. Copy the header from the following example file: Product_pricing_calculator.xlsx or define it manually (do not mind text in the cells, only data structure matters).

2. Define an option list

Option list is defined only on its first row (not on the rows with its options).

Option list ID* (column A)Identifies option list, used when linking option list to input cell
Option list name* (column B)Can be used for your description
Option list value type (column C)Defines value type of Option calculation value. Use:
• STRING for texts
• NUMERIC for numbers
• BOOLEAN for 1/0 value

If left blank, value is considered as STRING.

3. Define options

Each row represents one option.

Option ID* (column D)Identifies option, used when setting up filtering
Option calculation value* (column E)Value Kalkulio sends to the input cells and uses for calculation
Option display text* (column F)Value Kalkulio dislays in web calculator form

Sem vložiť obrázok viacerých vydefinovaných option listov
Sem vložiť obrázok prezentujúci rozdielne hodnoty Value a Display

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